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Every Piece of Wood is Different

So I’ve started working on my 12th instrument, a 15 1/2″ viola of my own pattern.  The spruce plate held a surprise once I cut it open.

A branch was hidden on the inside of the plate.  Thankfully the majority of it I was able to cut out, but a small piece of it ended up in the c bout.

So I decided to cut out the branch and replace it with another piece of spruce from the same piece of wood since there was plenty left over.

So the new piece is still visible but once I finish the arching, purfing and edge rounding most if it should be gone.  What little color difference left after the plate is finished I should be able to blend in with some subtle touch up and varnish work.  When the viola is all done no one will be able to tell I did anything out of the ordinary.

Every piece of wood is different.  That is one of the things that keeps violin making interesting.

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